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What are the ABIA Wedding Industry Awards?

May 10, 2024 | Question Time

You’ve probably seen the awards on our homepage – we’re proud of our ABIA awards! But what exactly is ABIA, and why are these accolades important to us?

The ABIA Wedding Industry Awards stand as Australia’s foremost recognition of excellence in the wedding industry. Launched as an annual event, it honours the most esteemed and reliable wedding vendors nationwide, setting a benchmark for quality and trustworthiness. To qualify as an ABIA Awards Finalist, businesses must attain a remarkable customer satisfaction rating exceeding 95%.

For over a quarter-century, since its inception in 1996, ABIA has been dedicated to championing reliable wedding vendors while safeguarding the interests of wedding customers. Today, it stands as the go-to platform for engaged couples, facilitating easy comparison and booking of wedding services, thanks to its vast repository of customer recommendations and reviews. Choons & Moovz have won top awards, runner up and finalists in the Wedding DJ, Entertainment Agent and Master of Ceremonies category, which is a huge honour for us!

Additionally, ABIA introduces the prestigious National Designer of Dreams Award, the pinnacle of achievement in Australia’s wedding industry. This accolade acknowledges businesses that maintain an exceptional customer satisfaction rating averaging above 98% over four consecutive years, elevating them to the highest echelon of wedding excellence.

The legacy of ABIA extends beyond just accolades, fostering a powerful network of distinguished wedding businesses that have made indelible marks as industry leaders, educators, and even global entrepreneurs. As ABIA continues to celebrate and promote excellence in the wedding sector, it invites aspiring vendors to join its esteemed ranks, offering a wealth of benefits and opportunities for growth. Learn more about ABIA by visiting their website.

Choons & Moovz - Wedding DJ Adelaide award winner
Wedding DJ Adelaide - ABI Award Winner 2021
Master of Ceremonies - ABIA Awards
Award winning DJ for Corporate Events

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