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Wedding Supplier Meals Guide

Nov 4, 2021 | Wedding Advice

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
— Virginia Woolf

While we feel it’s not compulsory for us at Choons & Moovz , it is definitely appreciated! Wedding suppliers work long and hard days, so we are value a meal so we can keep up the good work.

Can you imagine not eating a substantial meal during a highly intensive, physically and mentally draining day that can often last between 10 to 16 hours? There are only so many snacks that one can bring with them to a highly formal event (protein bars, nuts and dried fruit and bananas are my favourites). Plus, often we’re playing at wineries or rural venues, which means decent meals aren’t always easy to get on the run.

It’s not just the DJ/MC, there are so many other wedding suppliers who need a meal, some of them include band members, photographers, videographers, photo booth operators, wedding planners or even nannies/creche providers. Supplying them a meal can make a huge difference to their quality of work and energy and communication on the night.

Here are some guidelines on supplying your amazing wedding suppliers a meal at your Reception;

  • There’s no need to supply an entree or canapes, just a main meal – thank you.
  • You can choose to seat suppliers with your guests for dining, however most venues will seat suppliers out of sight so they can briefly relax for 15 minutes. Plus, we’re often eating in a rush, so it doesn’t look very pretty (well, at least that’s the case for me).
  • When planning your Reception schedule, try to factor in some time for the suppliers to have their meals, usually 15-20 minutes (but only 5minutes for me…lol).
  • To avoid losing time on the dancerfloor or holding up formalities, try to consider serving wedding suppliers at the same time guests are eating (if not before, but we understand this is sometimes difficult for venues to manage & guests are a priority).
  • Please consider each wedding suppliers dietary requirements, they will be forever grateful. I’m just allergic to peanuts, so I’m usually able to eat something (unless all you are serving at your wedding is satay).

Here are some of the benefits of providing a meal for a wedding supplier;

  • Avoidance of hangry wedding suppliers (wouldn’t you be after 8-9 hours with no food?)
  • Getting the very best work and results from their craft.
  • Taking care of their health, making sure they’re well hydrated and nourished.
  • Grateful and supportive collaboration between suppliers and top notch interaction with guests.
  • Sense of family and community with your wedding suppliers.

If you have any further questions regarding supplier meals, please don’t hesitate to email us via

Image Credit – Harry Allwood