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The Key Ingredients for an Epic Dancefloor

Sep 3, 2023 | DJ & MC, Insights

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When making a recipe for the ‘Dancefloor of a Lifetime’, there are several key ingredients to that must be included. Helping us measure, mix, cook and bake these ingredients will certainly ensure an epic dancefloor at any event. It’s a team effort! Of course, having one of our highly experienced, talented, energetic, fun, interactive, intuitive and creative Choons & Moovz DJs as the Hero Ingredient makes the biggest difference – but sometimes there is only so much we can do.

Guests at any event or wedding are generally very self-conscious and only unwind when they are comfortable and feel safe to let loose. There are so many ingredients you can add to the mix to help everyone feel more at ease, relaxed and ready to party! Here are the 10 ways you can help us ensure you have the dancefloor that creates experiences and memories that last a lifetime:

1. Avoid bright lights over the dancefloor

We love feature lighting, such as festoon, fairy, chandeliers or even XL lettering, but if they are hanging over the dancefloor and very bright, they can scare people off the dancefloor and prevent them from truly letting go and joining in the fun. The darker the better. When the lights are dim or off, it also helps our special effects lighting really pop and stand out over the crowd.
INGREDIENT ONE – Always ask for a dimmer for your festoon/fairy lights, and/or request your venue to turn down/or turn off the lights over the dancefloor after the First Dance.

2.  Keep the temperature cool

Even during winter, we’ve seen guests leave the dancefloor because they’re too hot. Once people are amongst a group of people and they start moving and dancing, it’s not long before they’re hot and sweaty.
INGREDIENT TWO – Always ask the venue to have an air-conditioner or fans cranked just before the dancefloor starts (even in winter). If there’s no air-con or you’re having an outdoor wedding on a hot night, hire large fans with cooling misters.

3. Delegate the Wedding Party members or Event Coordinators as the PARTY STARTERS

These core members of your party team have many responsibilities at your wedding or event, but we believe their main job is to help get the party started…and going all night long!
INGREDIENT THREE – The best dancefloors at weddings and events always have the people involved in the show, cutting a rug on the d-floor for most of the night.

4. If it’s your wedding or party, BE ON THE DANCEFLOOR

When you’re getting married or celebrating your birthday or a milestone, the guests want to be wherever you are to celebrate….so whatever you’re doing on the night, guests generally do the same.
INGREDIENT FOUR – If you’re dancing, the guests will be dancing!

5. Position the DJ next to the dancefloor and amongst the guests

At C&M, our wedding DJs and corporate DJs bring the best results when they’re positioned within 1 metre of the dancefloor and amongst the guests. Our DJs are full of life and bring an element of spark and personality to your event/wedding, and if we’re positioned far away from everyone or in another room, you’re missing one of the key ingredients to bring the dancefloor to life.
INGREDIENT FIVE – Wherever possible, ensure our DJs are positioned where they can see, interact and engage with the guests and the guests can do the same with our DJ.

Tania Smith, Adelaide DJ & MC
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6. Avoid starting the dancefloor too early (or too late)

There’s a natural flow and unfolding of the dancefloor and attempting to start the dancefloor when people are still wanting to chat, eat, drink and relax, can really affect the success of a dancefloor or even the entire event. Our DJs read the crowd all night, building the energy and momentum as the evening progresses, and those guests who want to dance earlier, will dance. However, attempting to get EVERYONE to dance when they’re not ready will make the d-floor flop.
INGREDIENT SIX – It’s better to delay the start of the dancefloor to ensure it is more packed for a shorter period. We generally suggest no longer that 3 hours (realistically, when was the last time you had a 4-hour cardio workout??)

7. Avoid serving plated food after opening the dancefloor

If food continues to be served plated after the dancefloor has started, guests will leave to eat it (not everyone, but enough to take away from the excitement of a packed d-floor).
INGREDIENT SEVEN – If you’re planning on serving dessert after starting the dancefloor, we suggest either serving it as a platter, cocktail style or even like a grazing table.

8. Host your wedding or event outside if there are more than 20% of your guests’ who smoke or vape

We’ve played at countless epic events and weddings….but when there are heaps of smokers at indoor weddings, we’ve always seen a great divide between the guests. Even if some of your guests aren’t smokers, they will go to the smoking area to chat and spend time with the smokers.
INGREDIENT EIGHT – If there are a significant amount of guests who are smokers/vapers, always host your event/wedding outside and position the smoking area close to the dancefloor.

9. If there is a large open dancefloor space, fill the space with furniture

If your dancefloor is HUGE, OPEN and HIGHLY VISIBLE for everyone to clearly see, guests will be reserved and shy because they feel very self-conscious and exposed.
INGREDIENT NINE – If you have a massive dancefloor, fill in the spaces with wine barrels, couches, high tables and chairs so guests don’t feel so exposed on the dancefloor. You can always move them later to make more room on the d-floor if you need it.

10. Keep the bar in the same room as the dancefloor (or even close by)

When the bar is in the same room as the dancefloor, guests don’t have to go far to hydrate throughout the night and they’re less likely to stop, chat and take time off the d-floor.
INGREDIENT TEN – The most epic parties always have the bar in the same room as the dancefloor (and even close by).

So there you have it – the Key Ingredients to an Epic Dancefloor – helps us bring you the time of your life! If you’d like to learn more about our wedding packages, corporate events and more, click the buttons below.