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Successful Weddings & Our Clients’ Thoughts

Jun 5, 2024 | DJ & MC, Question Time

Successful wedding in Adelaide - DJ/MC hire

We recently took the time to read through many of our incredible testimonials and reviews on Google, social media and on our website that we’ve procured over the years. It’s amazing to see clients’ support and that they have enjoyed Choons & Moovz’s services, whether it’s at a wedding, corporate event, Singapalooza, or even our celebrant services!

We decided to put together a Q&A based on the testimonials we received. We have many quotes from happy clients, and included photos too. If you’d like to read these testimonials in depth, please click the button below! 

If you’re looking to elevate your wedding with top-notch DJ and MC services, Choons & Moovz is the perfect choice. From personalised playlists to a dancefloor that never quits, Tania and her team are committed to making your wedding day as magical as you’ve always dreamed.

Wedding DJ hire Adelaide

Q&As Based on Testimonials

1. What makes Tania from Choons & Moovz stand out as a wedding DJ and MC?

Tania’s vibrant and energetic personality, combined with her professionalism and organisational skills, makes her stand out. She ensures that every detail is taken care of and goes above and beyond to create an unforgettable experience. Clients appreciate her ability to infuse humor into ceremonies and keep the dancefloor pumping all night.

2. How does Choons & Moovz tailor the music for a wedding?

Tania and her team take the time to get to know the couple and their taste in music before the big day. This personalised approach allows them to create a customised playlist that perfectly suits the couple’s preferences and the event’s atmosphere. They are also adept at reading the room and adjusting the music to keep the party vibes alive.

3. Can Choons & Moovz handle special music requests and custom mashups?

Yes, Tania is very accommodating when it comes to special requests and custom mashups. She has successfully created several mashups and customised aisle music to meet clients’ specific needs, ensuring that the music is perfect for every moment of the wedding.

4. How does Tania ensure that the dancefloor stays lively throughout the wedding?

Tania’s experience and intuitive understanding of music and crowd dynamics enable her to keep the dancefloor alive. She not only selects the right tracks to maintain the energy but also gets involved herself, ensuring that guests remain engaged and entertained.

5. What do clients say about the overall experience with us?

Clients consistently rave about their positive experiences with Choons & Moovz. They highlight Tania’s amazing personality, professionalism, and the unforgettable memories created on their special day. Many note that Tania and her team made their wedding day perfect and provided an epic dancefloor experience that left a lasting impression on everyone.

6. Is Choons & Moovz recommended by previous clients?

Absolutely. Many testimonials mention that clients highly recommend Choons & Moovz for wedding DJ and MC services. They commend Tania’s dedication, energy, and ability to make the wedding day truly special, encouraging others to hire her for an unforgettable celebration.