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Song Request Decorum

Jan 19, 2022 | DJ & MC, Wedding Music

“I’m not a jukebox; I don’t play exactly what the crowd wants to hear – that doesn’t make sense. But, I do look at people requests. At the end of the day, they are the ticket payers and they are the ones that come to the show. If I played music that purely entertains me, I’d play very weird music.”
— Armin van Buuren

As a party or wedding DJ, I LOVE taking requests! I also love the odd shout-out with the song request too.

It’s important to take requests to help guests feel involved, valued and engaged. Plus, sometimes there is a random song or different music genre that is deeply loved by the guests that I normally would’t play. However, it’s not always easy and the process isn’t as simple as it looks.

So, here are some questions to consider before you ask the DJ to play your fave track for the d-floor;

Would other people like the song? Is it well-known?

Good music is in the ear of the beholder, so what you love, might not be what someone else likes at all, that’s why there are billions of songs and countless music genres. So think about whether the song you’re about to request is well-known and loved amongst the guests and will capture their attention. After all, if no one else likes it – would you want to dance by yourself?

How would you respond if someone asked you to do something and you were rude, bossy or abusive?

One of the important principles I try to live by is to treat people how I’d like to be treated. Because I am human, I sometimes fail to live by that principle and I understand that other people do too, especially if there is alcohol involved. Sometimes when we’re passionate about something, like requesting our favourite song, it certainly doesn’t get played any faster or at all, if we’re pushy about it – so perhaps try to be kind, respectful and polite to the DJ. Remember, they’re the one with all the power!

Could there be more involved as a professional DJ than just pressing play?

There’s no need to go into the technical and creative skills that are needed to be a professional DJ, because it’s a very long list – but there are other vital skills that are less well known. At Choons & Moovz we pride ourselves in being intuitive, engaging and high energy DJs, which means it is a real art form to read the crowd and take every guest on a musical journey throughout the evening. Everyone who is present is considered and every attempt is made help them feel included and rev them up for the dancefloor. So, when you request your song, it may take a while to find the perfect moment to blend it into the mix, so please be patient. Also, your song might be on the end of a long list of requests that have already been made.

Could my song be on the blacklist?

Before we play at an event or wedding, we meet with the organisers or couples to understand the music that they love and the music that they don’t love so much. So that means some songs or genres, for whatever reason are vetoed! This can make our job challenging because some of the songs on the blacklist are deeply cherished by guests and are eager to hear them, but never fear, together we’ll make the most of the situation – there are billions of other songs we can play!

Am I even allowed to give requests?

Sometimes venues, event organisers or couples have asked the DJ not to take requests from guests, so you might have to wait until the next event to hear your fave song when the DJ has been given permission to take requests.

Would I accept unsolicited advice from strangers on how to do my job?

The word request is defined as an act of asking politely or formally for something, it is without demand or advice. We understand that you love your songs, you’re passionate about them, but telling the DJ that ‘everyone’s going to dance’ to it or ‘play it now’, when the dancefloor is already pumping isn’t going to help.

Would I like it if someone trashes my belongings?

When approaching the DJ booth, please be mindful of the highly technical, expensive equipment. Please try not to bring your drinks with you or drag them over the decks or place them next to the speakers. Often the DJ Booth isn’t stable either, so we suggest not to grab on to them or lean on them.

This is our guide for song requests and we understand that sometimes we’re getting carried away or things happen in the heat of the moment. We’re all trying the best we can. We want the ultimate fun-filled, dance-packed and excitement-driven experience on the d-floor at our events, so the more we can collaborate and do this together, the better! We can’t wait to hear about what you want played at our next event, we’ll do the best we can to love and respect each and everyone one of you too!