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Nov 25, 2021 | DJ & MC, Wedding Music

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
— Hans Christian Anderson

Music has always been something that touches me deep within my soul. I’d imagine it’s what feelings sound like….those feelings that I can’t quite describe or articulate.

As a young girl, there are photos of me singing and dancing (looks like I was a bit of a show pony, so not much as changed). I would play my favourite records over and over (driving mum and dad crazy) and I was obsessed with watching Rage on TV and loved recording songs off the radio (this gives away that I was an 80s child).

I’m one of those people you see singing and dancing up and down the shopping aisles. As lame as the supermarket radio stations are (think Easy Listening on steroids) , the music ALWAYS captures my attention.

Whether you notice the music consciously or subconsciously, it significantly impacts your mood, energy and experience.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a well experienced DJ who can read the crowd, set the mood and drive the flow of the evening. Even when you’re dining and chatting, it’s crucial that the right musical vibe is set and the energy is built up throughout the evening, priming guests for the perfect dancefloor.

Toe-tappers and mood setters are perfect in the lead up to a fun-filled, jam-packed, energetic dancefloor, but you can’t go too early or too late. That’s why you need a pro, nailing the timing and execution!

I love my job! The smile on my face could not be bigger! It’s an honour and privilege to be the party starter at so many South Aussies’ biggest celebrations. Thank you for anyone who has trusted in me to bring joy, fun and dancing into their lives!

Image Credit – Harry Allwood