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How to choose songs for your wedding

Jul 21, 2022 | Wedding Advice

“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are”
— Roy E. Disney

When planning a wedding, there are lots of decisions to be made. The big decisions are made first; like the date of the wedding, who is going to be your photographer or celebrant, where are you getting married and who are you going to ask to represent you in the wedding team (aka Bridal Party). Then a few months before the wedding, the decisions to be made are a little smaller, trickier and quite honestly, a little tedious (unless you are lover of paying attention to the finest of details).

There’s a long list of smaller decisions to make, like what beers to serve, what type of confetti to use, sparkler exit/no sparkler exit, seating plan and of course….what songs to play for the formalities? Now, selecting songs for your formalities might seem like smaller decisions, but they have a BIG impact on the sucess of your day and the emotional impression you’ll leave behind on your guests.

Here are some tips to help you make the smaller, yet very important decisions;

Think of songs that mean something to you as a couple. Are there songs that you sing to each other? What about a song that was playing while you were sharing a special moment together? Perhaps choose a song from a concert you went to together?

Each make a list of songs and then compare the list and see if there are any that match. If there are no matches, start listening to the songs together and narrowing the list down by choosing songs that light you both up.

Make a playlist of potential songs, then listen to them one night at home and choose the song that means most to you as a couple. Does it reflect how you feel about each other?

Spotify or Music can also give your more ideas and suggestions of songs that are similar to the music that you already like. Check out the suggestions or Genius at the bottom of the playlist and see what else the software recommends.

If you don’t have a song that means a lot to you both before the wedding, that’s OK. Think about the mood you’d like to set….do you want it to be romantic, soppy, uplifting, motivating, fun, carefree or playful? That’s just a few of the vibes you can choose from. Select a song that you feel matches the vibe you’re going for because that will help set the tone for the rest of the wedding. Either way, whenever you hear that song in the future, it will have a special meaning to you, even though it wasn’t significant to you before the wedding.

Choose a classic! Think about what song you’d like to keep hear when you’re older, is it going to be timeless and last the distance?

Try not to look at what everyone else is doing or pick something just because it’s trending, traditional or expected. Be daring, be brave and be YOURSELVES. Select something that represents who you are as a couple and something you both LOVE!

And….if all else fails….just Google it. There are tons and tons of lists and ideas online and you can see what everyone else is doing to help you with some ideas.

Just a final word of advice, try not to over complicate or over think the process. Just go with your heart or even your first ideas, they’re often the best. If there is a song that you like, then go for it. Don’t worry if it’s not appropriate or you don’t really like it 100% or Nanna won’t understand or whatever. It’s not supposed to be difficult, so let’s us know if we can help you make the process easier or even fun!

If you want memorable experiences at your wedding, think of songs to match this epic moment captured by the team at Lifesketch Weddings.