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How much can a wedding DJ in Adelaide cost?

Apr 9, 2024 | Wedding Advice

Adelaide Wedding DJ Price

Weddings can exert a significant financial toll, and we are cognisant of this reality when determining our pricing structure. At Choons & Moovz, we continuously evaluate to ensure fair pricing for our cherished clients, taking into account the value of our services, time, expertise, and premium equipment. Our standard 5-6 hour DJ/MC package goes beyond mixing tracks; it encompasses various complexities.

The administrative aspect of our efforts can at times demand more than 5 hours, encompassing correspondence, scheduling, invoicing, and curating playlists. Similarly, the personalised interaction, whether in person or via telecommunications, can take up to 5 hours, a cherished aspect of our profession.

There’s also the task of packing and unpacking equipment, ensuring its pristine condition, a process that takes approximately an hour. Travel is also a factor, but we do this because we love it!

Adelaide DJ cost for wedding

We typically arrive 2 hours before the ceremony to set up, ensuring everything is in place before the guests’ arrival. This means our day often stretches from noon to midnight or even later—a journey spanning 12 hours or more! Consequently, each wedding can claim up to 20 hours of our time. Additionally, there are sundry operational expenses associated with running a small enterprise: insurance, financial management, online presence, equipment procurement and maintenance, transportation, and professional development.

But the things we bring can’t be measured in money. With almost 20 years of experience, lively energy, stylish looks, ability to read the crowd, good listening skills, microphone expertise, strong commitment, and great communication, we embody what we do. Our deep music knowledge, gained over years in radio, shows how good we are. We’re friendly and work well with others, dedicated to making your event a success, almost like it’s our own.

Lastly, consider this ingenious method for determining your entertainment budget for the wedding. Simply divide the entertainment cost by the number of guests to gauge what seems fair. For instance, if you allocate approximately $1,500 for entertainment and anticipate 100 guests, each person’s share would be a mere $15. Compare this to what you spend per guest on food and beverages—it’s undoubtedly a great deal. Investing in top-tier entertainment for a wedding in Adelaide ensures an unforgettable experience for all involved – we’d love to DJ your wedding in Adelaide, or even a corporate event! Reach out if you’re interested with getting in touch with Choons & Moovz.

Here’s a breakdown of what else can cost money in a DJ Business:

    • Insurance
    • Financial management (Bookkeeping & accountancy)
    • Establishment of online marketing profiles (to facilitate locating us)
    • Maintenance of website and email hosting
    • Web development services for website design
    • Engagement in social media management
    • Acquisition of music
    • Procurement of equipment
    • Maintenance and cleanliness of equipment
    • Labeling and assessment of equipment
    • Logistics support for transportation
    • Professional development through training and upskilling
    • Acquisition of software licensing

    More significantly, there’s no monetary value that can be assigned to:

    • Decades of experience in the industry
    • Dynamic and spirited energy
    • Fashionable and polished appearance
    • Instinctive crowd reading ability
    • Diligent listening acumen
    • Proficiency in microphone handling
    • Dedication, devotion, and fidelity
    • Exceptional communication prowess
    • Broad music expertise (gained from nearly a decade in the radio industry)
    • Collaborative presence, offering assistance to other suppliers
    • Affectionate and jubilant demeanor
    • Devotion to the success of your event, nearly surpassing your own