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Jan 6, 2023 | Question Time

How much experience do Choons & Moovz DJs have?

Our DJs are highly versatile, experienced and professional. We are premium DJs for any occasion; from weddings to corporate events, from engagement soirées to birthday parties, from family fun days to kids shindigs. All of our entertainers are highly experienced at bringing fun, joy, love and dancing to all of these celebrations.

For over 20 years, Tania herself has entertained crowds at venues in Adelaide and across South Australia. The experience of our other DJs range from 10 to 15 years – so this isn’t their first rodeo. All of the DJs can MC as well and have no problems with communication, they thrive in presenting in public and love getting behind the mic as the Master of Ceremony (MC).

What type of music do Choons & Moovz DJs play?

All of our DJs have an incredible ability to read a crowd and are well equipped to adapt music to suit the range of guests attending your wedding or event. They are prepared to play music to cater to all demographics and have a huge database that include all music styles and genres. From soul, RnB, swing, rock n roll, ballads, singalongs, pub classics, to club classics, dance, Top 40, pop music and even a little bit of country. There is something for everyone!

Can we have a say in the playlist?

Absolutely! If you have a particular vibe, special songs or favourite genres that you wish to include, our DJs can cater to your needs. They are excellent communicators and can assist you with any ideas or musical inspirations.

However, if you wish to just sit back and relax, just hand over the reins to our pro DJs and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Do you have lighting included in your packages?

Definitely! All of our DJ packages include sound and lighting equipment and logistics (set up and pack up of equipment). Our lighting will cover the entire dancefloor and pave the way in getting the party started! We’ve got all the mutli-colour effect LED lights that you’ll need to bring the dance floor to life.

Choons & Moovz can also set the scene using other lighting technology, whether you require uplighting, moving head chasers, or a projection of images set by EZGoBo.

Can the DJs take requests on the night?

YES! This is important to us, as it makes your guests feel included and special. Our DJs encourage engagement with your guests and love involving everyone at your wedding or event.

However, please understand that not all requested songs are appropriate and we cannot promise that every request will be played. We work closely with the people planning and hosting the event to create a vision for the dancefloor and if the requests don’t fit the bill, we will try to find an alternative for the guest that ticks all the boxes.

Can the DJs be our Master of Ceremony (MC) as well?

YES! All of our DJs are professionally trained and have oodles of experience behind the mic! A majority of the work for the MC role is behind the scenes, communicating with everyone involved and making sure everything is seamless and smooth sailing.

We can be flexible in the delivery as an MC, based on your desired outcome; whether it’s professionalism and sincerity or pizazz and flair, or even some fun interaction. Our DJs/MCs have even been known to involve your guests and are prepared to play a few games if that tickles your fancy.

What are the MC’s responsibilities?

The MC responsibilities are so much more than just talking on the microphone!
As the MC, we manage the entire night for you. Starting from when guests arrive to the farewell.

We will work with you to create a seamless schedule and will collaborate with the other suppliers on the night to ensure everything ticks along like clockwork. We’re literally your personal assistant for the night.

Image Credit – A Forever Moment Photography